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Below is the ever-growing list of OnDemand Webinars we have available for you to watch at your leisure. Please click on the title for a more detailed description.

If you wish to earn CPE on eligible programs, please contact Fred Shellard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to receive a short exam. Per NYSED requirements, CPE credit is awarded only after completion and passage of the exam. 


(Not CPE credit eligible) 


 Downstate Holiday Seminar 2020  VCS: The New Blue Book and You
 Central Holiday Seminar 2020  VCS: Yellow Book Audits: What Finance Officers Need to Know
 Northeast Holiday Seminar 2020  VCS: Abandoned Property Laws and Regulations
 Western Holiday Seminar 2020  VCS: Developing an Internal Audit Function
 Long Island Holiday Seminar 2020  VCS: Public Sector Investment: The Basics
 North Country Fall Seminar 2020  VCS: XBRL: Future of Financial Reporting
 VCS: Cybersecurity Fraud and Protection   VCS: GASB 87: New Guidance for Leasing 
 VCS: The Financial Impacts of Hemp Legalization in New York  VCS: Considerations Before Applying for Grants 
 VCS: Debt Refinancing Do's and Don'ts  VCS: GASB 84: Fiduciary Activities
 VCS: ACA and Health Care Costs   VCS: The Trouble with Tax Caps 
 Excel Training Series: Tips and Tricks for Finance Officers   
 Excel Training Series: Practical Applications of Adv. Count and Sum Functions  
 Excel Training Series: Data Validation Techniques   
 Excel Training Series: Practical Applications of Date Functions  
 Excel Training Series: Vlook-up and Data Sorting  
 Excel Training Series: Pivot Tables, Dashboards, and Charts   
 Excel Training Series: Graph and Spreadsheet Esthetics   
 How to Create Effective Presentations  
 Using Google (Docs, Calendar, Forms & Sheets)  
 Holding Staff Accountable for Results  
 Foundations Internal Control (GFI Required Workshop)  
 Advanced Internal Control (GFI Required Workshop)