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Using Technology to Meet GFOA's Distinguished Budget Award Criteria

Presenter: Robert Battaglia, Senior Account Executive, ClearGov
Moderator: Patricia Caporale, Comptroller, Town of Yorktown

The GFOA of the U.S. and Canada (National GFOA) has a Distinguished Budget Presentation Program which presents awards to government entities each year throughout the country – including here in New York! This session will focus on how to utilize technology to: (1) meet the GFOA's new Budget Award criteria; and (2) modernize the budget book process and present the budget in an interactive, website-based format.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

ES&G - The Bond Rating Criterion You Need to Know

Presenter: Robert Weber, Vice President/Senior Analyst, Moody’s Investors Service
Moderator: Lisa Neary, Deputy Director of Finance, City of Batavia

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria are being used today by bond rating agencies as part of the review of governmental debt issuers. From climate change to sustainability, find out the specifics on ES&G and what it could mean when your entity issues debt.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Public Sector Investment Options

Presenter: Garrett MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Three + One
Moderator: Carol Mark, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

The historically low interest rate environment appears to be coming toward the end. How will your entity adjust its investment portfolio to take advantage? How should counties manage their investments since their list of options was temporarily expanded in 2021? Tips and strategies will be shared!

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Calculating Net Investment in Capital Assets

Presenter: Michele Mark Levine, Director of Technical Services, GFOA of the U.S. and Canada
Moderator: Scott Adair, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

GFOA’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award Program (COA) is now requiring all applicants to submit the calculation of the net investment in capital assets they report on their government-wide statements of net position. This session will provide a review of the proper calculation of this important classification of net position and discuss frequent errors seen in annual comprehensive financial reports submitted to the COA, one of the most frequent reasons for denial of the award.

1 CPE Accounting (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

GASB 87 - Accounting and Reporting for Leases

Presenters: Sara Dayton, CPA, Partner and Seth Hennard, CPA, Partner - Lumsden & McCormick, LLP
Moderator:  Scott Oling, CPA, Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP

Find out how GASB Statement No 87, Leases impacts accounting and financial reporting for lease transactions on financial statements. Topics covered include which lease liabilities, previously not required to be reported, now must be included in government financial statements as well as what notes to the financial statements, regarding timing, significance, and purpose of a government’s leasing arrangements, are now required.

1 CPE--Accounting (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

State Retirement System Update

Presenters: Colleen Gardner, Executive Deputy Comptroller and Andrea Goldberger, Deputy Comptroller - New York State and Local Retirement System
Moderator:  Janet Plarr, Village Administrator, Village of Blasdell

NYSLRS will provide up-to-date information on what employers need to know when working with and reporting to the state retirement system.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Conducting a Bank Reconciliation

Presenter: Duane Shoen, CPA, Audit Partner, Insero & Co., CPAs, LLP
Moderator: Karen McLaughlin, CMFO, Treasurer, Village of Rhinebeck

Bank reconciliation, to many finance officers, may seem like a simple task. However, they can be quite challenging if your government makes payments from multiple systems, accepts payments at multiple locations and with various methods of tender or if it has inconsistencies in their cash handling processes or if transactions are not accounted for correctly. Learn about the challenges and pitfalls of completing more complicated bank reconciliations, how to improve the process and how technology can be used to improve efficiency and accuracy.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Lease or Bond?

Presenters: Renee Piche, President, Municipal Leasing Consultants and Jeffrey Smith, President, Municipal Solutions, Inc.
Moderator: David Nolan, CGFM, CMA, Treasurer, City of Rome

When it comes to financing your entity’s capital plan or individual purchases, is it better to lease or bond? The answer is often not straight-forward and is based on a number of factors. Learn what those factors are, how they work in the current financing environment and which financing strategies may work best for your entity.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) I 1 GFI Elective Credit

Reading an Actuarial Report - The Numbers that Count

Presenters: Gary Osborne, Partner and Amy Hicks, ASA, MAAA, FCA, Partner - Sound Actuarial Consulting, LLC
Moderator: Karen Christie, CPA, Treasurer, County of Jefferson

This session will discuss actuarial reports that provide liabilities for your entity’s Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB) in accordance with GASB 75, as well as reports that provide workers compensation liabilities for those entities that self-insure their workers compensation exposure. The session will focus on key components of the actuarial reports and will guide finance officers on how to utilize actuarial reports for completing their financial statements.

1 CPE--Advisory Services (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Trends and Strategies in the Municipal Bond Market

Presenters: Rick Ganci, Vice President, Capital Markets Advisors, LLC and WIlliam Jackson, Esq., Partner, Hawkins Delafield & Wood, LLP
Moderator:  Michael Cohen, CPA, Comptroller, Town of Bethlehem

So much is happening in the bond market from the rising rate environment to increasing oversight and regulation as well as legislative proposals to reinstitute advance refunding for tax-exempt debt. Be prepared for what to expect if your entity is already or planning to soon go to the debt market.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

A Primer on GASB 84 (Fiduciary Activities)

Presenters: Donna Crowley, CPA, Partner and Denise Williamson, CPA, Government Audit Manager - RBT CPAs, LLP
Moderator:  Tim Doyle, CPA, Partner, Bonadio & Co., LLP

New accounting and financial reporting for fiduciary activities has required governments to revisit virtually every preexisting fiduciary fund to determine if it meets the new, higher threshold for fiduciary activities established by GASB Statement No. 84 and related implementation guidance. Learn from experience auditors the challenges in complying with this standard and how to meet the requirements.

1 CPE--Accounting (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Employee Handbook Essentials

Presenter: Ronni Travers, President, Public Sector HR Consultants, LLC
Moderator: Patricia Caporale, Comptroller, Town of Yorktown

Human resource management, for some finance officers, is an integral part of their job description. The core document which embodies the human resource function is the employee handbook. This is a great session to understand what should be in the handbook, what should not, and why it should be reviewed and revised regularly.

1 CPE--Advisory Services (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Cybersecurity - Resources to Meet the Challenge

Presenter: Thomas DeMayo, CPA, Director – IT Audit & Consulting Group, PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP
Moderator: Patricia Caporale, Comptroller, Town of Yorktown

It is no secret that organizations have been hacked, are being hacked and those that will be hacked. Where does your organization fit? Learn practical strategies to mitigate your risks against cyber threats. Participants will also learn how developing a strategy focusing on people, process and technology will prepare your organization against the next cyber threat.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Finance Office

Presenter: Samuel Caldwell, Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President, Office of Diversity and Inclusion - University at Albany (SUNY)
Moderator: Michael Cohen CPA, Comptroller, Town of Bethlehem

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in today's workplace is a critical component as we work together to meet today's social and economic challenges. This session will provide an overview of how our interactions with colleagues and constituencies are influenced by our beliefs.

1 CPE--Advisory Services (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Paying the Bills? Electronic Payment Options for Your Entity

Presenters: Carol Mark, Executive Director – Government Banking and Erik Inderbitzen, Executive Director – Treasury Sales Executive, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
Moderator:  Catherine Paget, Business Manager, Northern Westchester Joint Water Works

Paperless payments are increasingly becoming not just a novel option, but the primary option. Learn about the many electronic options available and which one(s) could help your entity save costs and meet your needs.

1 CPE (Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Succession Planning - Never Too Soon to Start

Presenter: Rajesh ‘RC’ Chainani, Managing Director, NYLAF
Moderator: Linda Pease, Comptroller, Town of Salina

The wave of retirements of finance officers is growing. If you are one of them, the to-do list can be overwhelming, both professionally and personally. At work, there’s succession planning and grooming of the new leaders, wrapping up long overdue projects and ensuring the policies are in place to allow a successful transition. This session will provide practical guidance to prepare finance officers and their governments for this important transition.

1 CPE--Advisory Services (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Capital Asset Management - The Importance of a Plan

Presenters: Andrew Schreyack, CIPMA, Financial Analyst/Municipal Advisor and Andrew Watkins, Financial Analyst - Fiscal Advisors & Marketing, Inc.
Moderator:  Karen McLaughlin, CMFO, Treasurer, Village of Rhinebeck

Capital infrastructure underpins the vitality of our communities. The investments required for good infrastructure are substantial. Good asset management practices, supported by comprehensive capital plans, are critical in this process. This session will focus on the components good capital plans share and how they support strong asset management practices.

1 CPE (Specialized Knowledge (Gov’t) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

The New Annual Financial Report - Modernizing the AUD

Presenter: Jay Phillips, Project Assistant, Office of the State Comptroller
Moderator: Patricia Caporale, Treasurer, Town of Yorktown

The Office of the State Comptroller will present on what is new regarding Annual Update Document (AUD) reporting and discuss the status of their Financial Reporting Modernization Project. Come learn the latest and bring your questions.

1 CPE--Accounting (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Federal Update - ARPA Funding / Reporting and Infrastructure Funding

Presenter: Emily Brock, Director,  Federal Liaison Center - GFOA of the U.S. and Canada
Moderator Tim Doyle, CPA, Partner, Bonadio & Co., LLP

The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread disruptions to the economy and the Federal Reserve took unprecedented policy actions in response. Also, passage of the American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) have infused billions of dollars for state and local governments to address the pandemic and infrastructure needs. Learn the latest from Washington and what you need to know regarding the uses for these funds and the associated reporting required.

1 CPE--Advisory Services (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit

2022 Economic Update

Presenter: Stephen Andrews, Senior Vice President, Webster Bank
Moderator: John A, Savash, II, CPA, Associate Professor of Accounting, Elmira College

Inflation, the phase-out of monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, rising interest rates – what does this mean for government finance now and as we move through 2022? How will continuing pandemic disruptions and supply chain challenges affect government revenues and costs? This session will provide some perspectives and examine current economic trends.

1 CPE--Advisory Services (Gov't) | 1 GFI Elective Credit